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SCHOLAR Password Admin

'Password Admin' is a new feature that is being trialled with SCHOLAR users in Scottish schools. Registered users in Scottish Schools will discover a new menu item called 'Password Admin' in the 'General' section of the menu system after they login to SCHOLAR.

Changing your SCHOLAR password.

When you login to SCHOLAR and go to the Password Admin screen you will be able to select a new password from a list of randomly generated suggestions. You will also be able to request a password reset from the login screen should you forget your current password.

Why do I not have a 'Password Admin' menu item?

Not all SCHOLAR users have access to the Password Admin feature. SCHOLAR Contacts at every school or college have access, as do students and staff at schools that use SEEMiS. If you have not yet been given access to the new feature, the menu item will not be displayed.

In addition, it is not possible to change the password of a shared account, and the Password Admin menu item will not be displayed for those accounts.

Why does 'Password Admin' require my email address?

You will need a working email address associated with your SCHOLAR account to make full use of this new feature. This email address will allow registered users to request a password reset, and to further secure your account, you will receive a notification when your password or email address change.

  • Staff email addresses and the other data we use to register and enrol staff is managed by the school MIS (SEEMiS), and that is where the email address can be changed.
  • Student email addresses are not provided by the school MIS, and therefore each student should provide a valid email address via the Password Admin page after logging in to SCHOLAR. This email address can be updated or removed at any time.
  • SCHOLAR 'School Contact' accounts are treated differently and they should contact SCHOLAR to update their email address.

How will my email address be used?

Your email address is a piece of personal information that we will only use for the purposes for which we have your consent. By default we will use your email address to provide:

  • password recovery
  • account security notifications
  • an annual welcome message when you become enrolled in a new cohort (staff only)

How does my email address become 'activated'?

For both staff and students, the email address will need activated before it can be used. We will send you an email with a link that you must click to activate that email address. These activation links are valid for 28 days from the date of sending the email, after which time another link can be requested via the Password Admin page.

Until the email address is active, you cannot change your password. This is a security feature.

Pretending to be someone you are not at SCHOLAR obviously breaks the terms of using SCHOLAR and will be treated as a misuse of our computer system.

Staff can see student passwords.

Only authorised staff within SCHOLAR will be given access to student email addresses, but the 'Password Admin' page will give staff read-only access to the usernames and passwords of the students they teach. This means that students may now have a number of people at school who can remind them of their password. Of course, if they have already registered and activated an email address, then they can just request a password reset from the SCHOLAR login page.

Data protection

In order to provide this new feature we need to store and use your email address, which is considered personal information as defined by the UK Data Protection Act 1998. SCHOLAR will keep this personal data securely and use it only for the specific purpose(s) for which you provide it. We will not disclose your information to anyone outside SCHOLAR except where we have your permission or where we are required to do so by law. More information is available in our Privacy Policy